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whiteflagmain's Journal

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Never has it been more important—or easier to keep in touch in this present day and age. Firm forced encouragement from the higher ups have dictated that our favorite nation personifications not fall behind in global communication by having them keep in contact with one another through blogging, outside of official meetings and correspondence.

Welcome to whiteflagmain where the corners of the world meet outside of the meeting room! Are you ready to dive in?

1. This is the most important! Please make sure to carefully read and understand all of the RULES. Trust me, we’ll know if you haven’t!
2. Check the CLAIMS list to make sure your character isn’t already taken. You may also go here to place a reserve on a character. Reserves last for one week (7 days). After seven days, if not claimed, that character will be freed up and once again open for anyone to claim.
3. In order to claim, all that is required is that one joins, watches, and post into whiteflagmain using a character journal, with the appropriate claim tag— basically, a self-introduction, done however you like!

However, this introduction must include a mention of your country’s name (as well as human name, if applicable) & a character (AIM) screen name to be reached. If all bells and whistles are tuned correctly, the mod will comment and formally welcome you to the party!

1. All drops, hiatuses, and other mun/player/OOC related matters should be posted at whiteflaguber using the tags already provided. Any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns may be discussed through a private message at the mod journal whiteflagparado.
2. Community cuts will be made on the first of each month. In order to prevent being cut, a character is required to make at least one monthly post to whiteflagmain using the activity check tag. Posting more than once to the main community, however, is highly encouraged! Along with the combination of personal journal posts and aim activity. Anyone suspected to be squatting will be dealt with!

3. Any claims made within the last week of the month are not expected to uphold the activity requirement for that month.

Profile & Layout Credit: minty_peach