Arthur Kirkland | ♕ | England (sirarthurian) wrote in whiteflagmain,
Arthur Kirkland | ♕ | England

This is a a claim.

Good evening. I thought Alfred would race to be the first to claim, but it seems I have beaten him to it.

My name is Arthur Kirkland, also commonly known as England or the United Kingdom. I hail from the land of Shakespeare, Earl Grey, The Beatles and if you so wish, Harry Potter, just to name a few. You may have also heard of my brothers Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Currently, my favourite food is treacle tart. It's a sort of English pastry, I prefer it served with ice-cream.

I will keep this short for now, since my audience is sparse. A dry sense of humour is always much appreciated, although I look forward to meeting all of you. Feel free to ask me anything through this journal or my number: snarky thoughts.
Tags: *claim, ★England
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