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laba diena :D


I'm a little country in Europe, called Lithuania. Despite my small stature now I was once the biggest country in Europe. My people and I had difficult times since then, many people enjoyed taking over our lands ridding me out of the map entirely. That's probably the reason why you might not know of me that much. I'm happy and free now though, being part of the EU has helped out a lot too. 

My favorite foods are cepelinai and kastinys, though I've been enjoying some foreign foods lately too, pizza and sushi especially. 
I like martial arts and chess, but my all time favorite sport is basketball.That's why I'm very excited about the EuroBasket tournament, which will be held this year at my place. Come and root for your team if you can, it's going the best one ever! I'm expecting tourists to help my economy too. 

I should probably stop rambling already, you must be tired of me. But if you want to talk some more I'm always here atlietuvaitis or at
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