S. Italy, Romano Lovino Vargas (romantomato) wrote in whiteflagmain,
S. Italy, Romano Lovino Vargas


...Damnit, what the hell am I supposed to say.

Ciao. I'm South Italy, Romano, also known as Lovino Vargas. So don't get me mixed up with my idiot younger brother Veneziano, who makes up the Northern part. I'm better known for agriculture and trade instead of artsy renaissance stuff. I also reign over Rome, Pompeii, Sicily, and Sardinia to name a few places while the bastard mafia reigns over me. I grew up with that idiot Spain and the only good thing that came out of that was tomatoes. They're my favorite food along with pasta, but don't you dare put a damn potato or piece of smelly cheese near me. Nothing beats out real Italian cuisine, end of story.

I guess you can talk to me here or at saychigi. If you're a cute girl, I'd actually be more than willing to say something. Maybe.
Tags: *claim, ★South Italy
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