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seychelles. ♥

Am I really the first girl? ♥ Bonjour~

Coming to you live from somewhere off the coast of Africa, I'm the Republic of Seychelles. ♥ My country consists of 115 islands, and the cost of living is through the roof! Our climate is very hot, and unfortunately there aren't any convenient winds that come our way. Although the beaches attract many people each year!

In my spare time, I like to hide from Arthur and sometimes Francis, and play with the little critters running around. We have giant tortoises, dugongs, bats, lots of birds, salt-water crocodiles (I stay away from them...), and many other animals! And to round this up, my favorite food is most definitely fish! With all the different kinds around you, you might think I'd get sick of it~ But nope! I can eat it anytime of day, any day of the week!

Want to chat or kindly ask for an all-paid vacation to one of the resorts here? Just give me a call at #of stranger tides or message me at this journal. I'll answer you as quick as I can~
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