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Hajimemashite. I suppose I will be next in line to make my claim. It is already very nice to be here. 

My name is Honda Kiku, and it is my duty to represent the nation of Japan. It is a land of quiet strength, where the sakura color the springtime pink and the sun boldly rises. Not long ago I was a recluse, but since then I have quickly developed and become well acquainted with the world. A-ah, what else to say... Although I have been said to be an old man, my youth culture seems to be very popular and its styles have spread worldwide. I am also very fond of technology and the possibilities it holds for the future. Even though some have said that the age of robotics will never come, I still have faith in its capabilities...!

Ah, and my favorite food is donburi. Its versatility always has much to offer.

If you would like to contact me, my instant messaging address is nihonda, or I can be reached through this journal. In the meantime, please take care of me. 
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